Marriage Preparation

Our responsibility here at St. Patrick's is to do our best to help you prepare, not just for your wedding day, but a lifetime of love together. The necessity of adequate preparation for this most important decision in life hardly has to be emphasized. In a world where careers are only begun after years of study, our society seems to presume that people are ready for marriage just because they are old enough. We disagree, and statistics on the number of failed marriages support our reasoning. So, as beautiful and attractive as your engaged love is now, it is also a fragile and tender bud. Helping you make that flower reach full bloom and all your happy dreams come true is what we at St. Patrick's would like to see happen. Please make an appointment with the Pastor AT LEAST six months before the date of the wedding. For more information, please call Terri Bledsoe, L,C.S.W.

Marriage Celebration Packet