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Rev. Kenneth J. Brown

Parochial Vicar
Rev. José Aurelio Ortiz-Matiz
Mission Statement
As a Christ-centered family rich in tradition and cultures, we are called to live God's word. We will welcome, love and serve all people as we joyfully witness, worship and grow in our Catholic faith.
Declaración de Nuestra Misión
Como una familia centrada en Cristo, rica en tradición y culturas, estamos llamados a vivir la palabra de Dios acogiendo, amando y sirviendo a toda la gente al mismo tiempo que celebramos con alegría, damos testimonio y crecemos en nuestra fe católica.

Upcoming Events


Welcome our Summer 2014 seminarian, RAPHAEL RENIVA.



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Sue Schimandle of Blue Moon Photography provided the pictures of the parish grounds.
The title image of St. Patrick is owned by irishhistory.info